Oekosoph Menüskaart

An der Jatt

In a bowl

– Gemeiszoppen vun der Woch                                                                                    6.00 €

                  Weekly vegetables soup


Eppes Grenges


– Kniddelzalot                                                                                                            14.00 /20.00 €

                  Salad with vegetables and roasted leftover dumplings

– Bauerenzalot                                                                                                            14.00 /20.00 €

Farmer salad with bacon; potatoes, egg, bread

– Frësch Geesekeiszalot; liicht iwerbak                                                                        14.00 /20.00 €

                  Gratinated goat chees on baguette and salad


Eppes Warmes

Out of the kitchen

– Kniddelen mat Speck oder mat Moschterzooss (v)                                    16.00 €

                  Dumplings with smoked fat bacon or with musterd sauce

– Grengen Curry mat Bio-Geméis a Basmatireis (v)                                    18.00 €

                  Green Curry with rice and organic vegetables

– Falafel mat verschidden Dips an engem Taboulehzalot (v)                        18.00 €

                  Falafel with diff. dips and a couscous salad

– Wiener Schnitzel mat gebrode Gromper                                                26.00 €

                  Breadcrumbed and fried organic veal scallop

– Cordon Bleu                                                                                                28.00 €

                  Breadcrumbed and fried organic veal scallop filled with ham and cheese; served with a mushroomsauce





Eppes Séisses

Something sweet

Schockelasmousse Transfair                                                                        8.00 €

            Mousse au chocolat Transfair

Vanille Glace mat waarmen Transfair-Schockela                                                8.00 €

            Vanilla ice with hot Transfair chocolate

Tiramisu                                                                                                8.00 €

            Mascarpone, coffee ,Amaretto ladyfingers

Aeppel crumble                                                                                                8.00 €